Something I have wanted to try for a while…

I only did this because I realised that the milk would expire while I was away over the weekend. I also only rarely use the Nesquik so it was close to expiring too. I don’t normally waste food like this.

I followed the grams/ml nutritional information on the Nesquik box. It was 15g/200ml and it was a pint of milk so that works out at 42.6g of Nesquik. Alas, my scales are not that accurate. You can also see from my messy measuring work why I never had much success in the laboratory!

Shaking it up in the milk carton was fun but best done over the sink as it leaked a bit due to excess Nesquik powder clogging up the seal.

While it certainly mixed up better than just dissolving the powder in a glass of milk, the resulting flavour was too strong and sweet for my tastes. Apparently I have not been properly following the instructions when I usually make it.

I ended up throwing most of it away and then feeling guilty for being so wasteful! But at least my curiosity was satisfied.